Twitter, Facebook and Blogging Oh My!

Date Posted: 26 March 2012

In wanting to establish my new business and give it the best possible chance of surviving I have tried different avenues of advertising. I have been told to really succeed I must join the social media band wagon and learn how to tweet on Twitter and post on Facebook and blog on my website. It is all a little overwhelming. I knew how to post things on Facebook, but knew nothing about tweeting on Twitter. And don’t even get me started about blogging! And the pressure to come up with new and exciting things is a challenge. I look to my fellow followers on Twitter and Facebook for inspiration, but in the world of making yourself and your business stand out from your competition, this is difficult to do.

So in my challenge of starting a new business and getting myself seen and heard I had a few questions for myself.

Where do I start advertising?

What is going to be the most effective form of advertising for my business?

What is my advertising budget?

What kind of customer am I trying to attract with all this new advertising?

I am still working out the answers to these questions and I think I always will. We are in a forever changing world and we have to keep up or be forgotten about.

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