Storage Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

Date Posted: 23 April 2012

Helpful Hints when using storage


  1. Use pallets to keep contents off the floor
  2. Maximize all of the space in the unit
  3. Use freestanding shelving to organize boxes
  4. Store frequently used items at the front of your unit to avoid unnecessary searching
  5. Labels boxes on all sides for future reference
  6. Pack heavy boxes on the bottom and light boxes on top
  7. Protect your items with covers, old sheeting etc.
  8. Disassemble items that can be easily taken apart. Put all the nuts/bolts in a Ziploc bag and attach to the item
  9. Store sofas, mirrors and pictures on end when possible
  10. Wrap breakables in bubble wrap


  1. Do not store food items. This includes spices, rice, cereal etc.
  2. Do not store any toxins or flammables such as paint, oil or gasoline
  3. Do not forget to clean appliances as mildew may occur
  4. Do not forget to check with your insurance company about storage insurance for your belongings

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